J National Institute for Land and Infrastructure Management(NILIM)

  Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport(MLIT)

 (Succession from previous Building Research Institute(BRI),

Ministry of Construction(MOC) until 2000)

K Rural Research Institute (RRI),

Korea Agricultural & Rural Infrastructure Corporation (KARICO)


To pursue the final goal to realize a practical landscape simulation system both will made efforts :

(1) To avoid the repetitive overlapping technological development and share the common results and experiences of landscape simulation for regional development

(2) To provide the common system for international and multi-language use.

(3) To accumulate techniques and knowledge for usage in the field.


1993-6: Japanese Building Research Institute(BRI) and Public Works Research Institute(PWRI), under Ministry of Construction conducted the development of Landscape Simulation System. 

1996: Korean Rural Research Institute(RRI) planned to develop a similar system with similar purpose, and made a pre-survey. The pre-survey team had a chance to visit BRI and discuss on technological scope of the development, and agreed to start a joint research by sharing roles.

1996.9.24: The proposal for joint research was proposed to Japan-Korea Committee for Science and Technology, and adopted as a new topic.  RRI dispatched a staff to prepare ROD between BRI and RRI.

1997.5: Japanese BRI and PWRI started to provide the developed system as free-ware through internet and manual books with CD-ROM.

1997.2.25-27: Korean RRI invited a staff of BRI to have a seminar and technical discussions.

1997.3: Draft of ROD provided by BRI and RRI was agreed by MOFA.

1997.6.2: RRI visited BRI and signed the ROD document.


J - to readjust language-dependent parts of the system at first stage

- to develop/improve 3D graphics functions (modeling and viewing)

- to design the modification of landscape database to be operated on network

K- to translate the Japanese system into Korean language at first stage

- to develop original image processing functions(2D)

- to develop network related functions/programs


1997.8.6-11: J visited K for presentation, evaluation and transfer of technologies already developed by Japanese side.  LLS ver.2.03 was translated to Hanguel.  2D system developed by Korean side was evaluated.

1997.11: J published gText for Learning the Operation of Landscape Simulator 2.03h

1997.22.23-30: K visited J to evaluated the existing system and to determine the details of additional development.

1998.3.6-11: J visited K for evaluation and technology transfer. The already translated system was evaluated, and discussed at model site (Cultural Village Project in Kyonggi province).

1998.6-21-25: K visited J to discuss about internet technologies which will be developed by K.

1998.8.5-12: J visited K to attend the seminar on gApplication of Landscape Simulator for Regional Developmenth.  Data provision work in Cultural Village Project (Icheon) was jointly undertaken.

1999.2.22-26: J visited K to evaluate the technologies developed by K, and reported Japanese cases of application at a seminar.

1999.5 : K published gApplication of Landscape Simulation Technologies for Rural Developmenth

1999.6.21-28: K visited J to transfer the technologies developed by K to J.  The team also visited several project sites in Japan.

1999.8.1-20: J visited K to check and complete the translation of LSS ver.2.5 on Korean language.  K demonstrated the system developed by K.

1999.10.-11.: A Japanese group consist of users of the system visited Korean villages, guided by K team.

1999.11 : J published gProfessional Manual for Landscape Simulator 2.05h including cases of application.

2000.12.10-15: J visited K to summarize the past achievement and to discuss about the future cooperation. 


2001.4-Now : APPLICATION in the FIELDS in each country

Japanese Side: BRI was re-organized to IAI-BRI and NILIM.  The technologies developed through the joint research were integrated into a gCommunication System for Town Planningh by NILIM.  The developed system was implemented into 15 model projects in Japan.  All the information and contents are disclosed from web server provided by NILIM.

Korean Side: RRI was assigned to design Taeho Eco-themel Park area, planned in Tangjin conty, north Chungcheong province. KARICO  made approaches to disclose information on planning using computer graphics to promote the citizenfs participation, including ecologists.  The project was supported by UNDP.  The staffs of RRI in charge of design and CG presentation were different from those who were in charge of translation or system development.


During this period, all the information exchange was done through e-mail and web servers, including


1. Open-source software (around 150,000 steps), ready for Multilanguage translation

( Languade dependent parts are collected in the form of text files. Therefore, it will be easy to translate into 3rd language)

  Copyright is clarified as follows


/* VRML2LSS.cpp                                      */

/* external function for LSS sim.exe                      */

/*     2000.12.31                                      */

/*  Copyright(c) Rural Research Institute,               */

/*                  Korea Agricultural & Rural Infra-  */

/*                  structure Corporation, and         */

/*               Building Research Institute,          */

/*                  Ministry of Construction Japan     */

/*               2000                                  */

/*  Created by DR. Lim Chang-young and                 */

/*             DR. Kobayashi Hideyuki                  */



#include <stdio.h>

#include <string.h>

#include <stdlib.h>

#include <io.h>

#include <errno.h>

#include <math.h>

#include <process.h>


  Japanese version is mostly distributed to local offices of MLIT and local governments in charge of Town Planning.

  Korean version is distributed to local branch offices of KARICO.

2. Collection of 3D data, registered in database, ready for re-use

3. Published manual books and reports.

(1) Japanese side :

 gText for Learning the Operation of Landscape Simulator 2.03h, (with a CD-ROM) as Building Research Data No.92 from BRI, 1997.11

gProfessional Manual for Landscape Simulatorh, (with 2 CD-ROMs) as Building Research Data No.96 from BRI, 2000.7

 Disclosure from WEB site.

 gManual Book of Communication system for Town Planningh, (with 3 CD-ROMs) as NILIM Data (under provision. probably released in 2003.1)

(2) Korean side

 gApplication of Landscape Simulation Technologies for Rural Developmenth (1999.5)

 gAn ESSD Model of the Rural Farmland and Agricultural Resources in Taeho Agricultural Tidelandh (2000.3)