PROPOSAL for 2003/4 - 2005/6 Activities
 (sponsored by Ministry of Environment) :

"Research on Adaptation to SLR,
based on extraordinary climate scenario"
- to consider the extraordinary climate, which will cause damage at low SLR level in near future
- in several areas detected as "very vulnerable" in past studies
- for proposing actual adaptation programm

(1) Analysis of extraordinary climate in Asia, and setting up scenario of  extraordinary climate change and sea level rise

(2) Studies on change of coastal environment and adaptation, based on extraordinary climage scenario
  1)  Forcasting change of natural environment and adaptation
  2)  Assessment of changing risk and planned adaptation in urban area (*)

(3) Assessment of adaptation for changing climate in coastal zone
  1) Development and application of indexes for risk assessment for extraordinary climate and SLR
  2) Development of methodology of utilizing GIS for evaluating regional economy and adaptation for SLR

(*) will be undertaken by NILIM in cooperation with PUSKIM